John Talbott

When bringing new products and companies to market, John Talbott believes in people-focused design. An active agent in the telecom and Internet revolutions, John continues to envision transformations to the way we live and work today. John adeptly designs customer-centric processes to build products and services that offer real value to the client and the community.

As a professional high-tech products executive, John has managed a variety of hardware and software products including billion dollar product lines, early Software as a Service platforms, and Cloud-computing systems. John has started multiple companies including non-profits and cooperatives in the cleantech sector.

M.B.A. Presidio Graduate School

M.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

B.A. Physics, Willamette University


Sharon Talbott

Sharon Talbott strives to bring clarity to complex human systems. Trained in anthropology and linguistics, she has spent the past decade working on systemic, consumer-focused changes that advance the new energy economy.

Sharon draws on her experience as a marketing and strategic planning professional at influential energy technology and energy-efficiency firms. In her various roles, she has assisted utilities seeking to introduce new services while balancing sensitive stakeholder positions; provided management support to well-cited dynamic pricing pilots in North America; and applied behavioral science and customer service expertise to design engaging consumer experiences with consumer energy products. Her formative professional experience was in regulatory analysis and global energy policy.

M.A. Anthropology, Stanford University

B.A. Linguistics, Stanford University

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