Why persimmons?

A word from Sharon about the persimmons. They actually do relate to our work.

“Think of me as one who loves poetry and persimmons.” -Shiki

Consider the persimmon tree in full fruition.

Many of the key contributors to the health of that tree are hidden – even the leaves are gone. All you see are orange globes of fruit with their leafy warm-green caps, holding the promise of sweet, cinnamon-y autumn flavor.

Yet you know the bare brown branches have sustained a complex cycle of growth, nourished by the sun and soil, providing the framework for leaves and flowers and sap, all of which worked in harmony to produce a proliferation of perfectly ripe persimmons.

I am the brown branches. My vocation is to nurture that hidden system.

You won’t notice, but I keep people and processes in place and help them grow and bloom.

I access resources and distribute them for the nourishment of all. I steadfastly provide an organic framework on which whole teams of human systems bring forth fruit. And at the right time, when team members move on and processes are dismantled, what remains is the ripe and perfect fruit of your collective effort.

Mmmm. Savor.