Consulting Services

In today’s crowded marketplace, creating successful products that build value for your organization is a challenge. With years of experience bringing products to market and driving revenue growth, PeoplesGrid partners with you to streamline your product planning. We help you develop strategies for a complex market so that you can deliver maximum value to your customers.

Improving Your Product Offering

Blending technology expertise with behavioral insight, PeoplesGrid looks at the human side of your product set. Our consultants understand that market success comes from a well-developed customer relationship and that every product launch is an opportunity to enhance that relationship. Using our worldwide network of experts, we can bring services to you that sharpen your offerings and satisfy your customer.

Social Enterprise

PeoplesGrid believes that business entities play a major role in addressing the serious challenges facing our world. In developing business models, we embrace triple bottom line approaches. Moreover, we believe that the purpose of our business and our client’s business is to enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve.


Business plans are living documents. For social enterprise, we use the most up to date metrics for measuring social impact and we keep abreast of the constant developments in this field. PeoplesGrid orchestrates your plans for constant validation, so that you can move quickly to address new challenges and adapt to changing conditions in the market.

Disruption for Good

Incorporating the principles of Lean and Agile into strategic plans, we help companies focus their efforts, validate their results and create the right product for the right market. With expertise in hybrid structures, we can support a diverse set of planning activities for private entities, public corporations and non-governmental organizations.  We apply our capabilities to develop your go-to-market strategy, inform your marketing, product strategy and technology choices, and prepare corporate or regulatory documents.